Apr 8th, 2022

Stretch Film

Top 3 Benefits of Stretch Film on Pallets

Stretch wrapping is one of the most widely used methods for securing the items on your pallet. Stretch film is a thin, elastic plastic sheet (usually made of polyethylene) used to fasten and secure cased products to a pallet.

As you begin to stretch and wrap the pallet, this tension provides a constrictive force around the load, which keeps it in place. This can help avoid product damage during shipping due to inappropriate handling, unexpected movements, or issues caused by the weather.

Below are the top 3 benefits of using stretch film wrapping on pallets.


One of the biggest values of using stretch film on your pallets is the protection it provides. By keeping the products tightly bound, it helps reduce tampering, injuries, and much more.

Some protection benefits stretch film provide include:

  • Stretch film keeps products free from dirt, moisture, and even dust.
  • By using opaque stretch film, you can conceal the load contents and reduce theft.
  • If storing products outdoor, UVI stretch films can protect your products from UV Rays
  • Stretch wrapping allows you to minimize shipping damages by having your loads more secure


If your business wraps pallets daily, investing in stretch film will save you tons of money by increasing worker efficiency and ensuring less chances of damage. 

Some ways stretch film can benefit efficiency are:

  • Stretch film increases packaging efficiency and worker productivity
  • It helps improve inventory control by allowing for inspections and uses less energy to operate than shrink wrap systems
  • Stretch film typically cost less than alternatives such as strapping and other type of pallet wrapping
  • The ability to color code products with opaque stretch films.


In short, most companies are taking a shift towards sustainability. Stretch film wrap for pallets can be recycled and is classified as a category four item in most programs unlike most other plastics. This means that stretch film can not only be recycled in theory, but it is also possible in terms of both practicality and cost. 

The top recycling benefits of stretch film are:

  • Stretch film can be recycled which means you can make an impact by going green.
  • With the ability to recycle, you can save on tipping fees as well as make some money back. 

The bottom line is that stretch film has many benefits for your business when it comes to wrapping a pallet securely and can have a positive impact on the environment. Contact Trinity Packaging Supply for more information on stretch film options for your business.